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Welcome to the official YouTube channel of Ollipekka Kangas, where art meets creativity and inspiration. With over 194 subscribers and 67 videos, this Finnish artist shares his unique perspective and artistic journey with the world.

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Get a glimpse into Ollipekka's creative process through his videos, such as "Albers: Taito nähdä", where he delves into the world of visual perception. His artistic techniques are a testament to his passion for art and his desire to share that passion with others.

Passion for Art and Teaching
In videos like "Kuvis on kivaa", Ollipekka showcases his enthusiasm for art and his dedication to teaching. His infectious energy and love for art are sure to inspire and motivate you to explore your own creative side.

Art Installations and More
From art installations like "ADJUSTABLE HALO ART INSTALLATION" to other creative projects, Ollipekka's channel offers a diverse range of artistic endeavors. His artistic journey is a constant source of inspiration, and his channel is the perfect place to stay updated on his latest creations.

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Gesture controlled art installation 2014. Galleria Berner, Turku.


Videoinstallation. This is version from my photographic exhibition in Tampere, Valokuvakeskus Nykyaika. Whole film is about 11 min loop.


Pinhole camera photos. Extra slow exposures, up to 4 months. Experimental art. It was exhibited in Titanik Gallery, Turku.